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My mission is to build better leaders

My name is Daniel Bauer and I help school leaders fight isolation and frustration via a leadership community in order to gain clarity and find solutions to their greatest challenges.

If you’re anything like me you might feel under-prepared for your current leadership role and most likely you feel isolated – but it doesn’t have to be that way.


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• Leaders who have broken free from the status quo
• Leaders who make change happen
• Leaders who never, ever give up

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We’re a hybrid group coaching and leadership development community. Put another way—we are a leadership incubator for world-class educators. The mastermind is a safe, confidential community where you can be authentic and get the challenge you’re looking for to take your leadership to the next level.

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Education Consultant Services

Let us help you turn your big dreams for your district into reality. Indeed, no two schools are the same. Here at Better Leaders Better Schools, we take the time to recognize and understand all the unique challenges that schools and districts face, and customize a...

Principals Entry Plan

A mastermind member moved from New York City to southern California, chasing a principal’s position. After 2 months of being there, learned it was failing and in jeopardy of closing, the staff was in the process of unionizing and it was a charter school

Disastrous leadership: 7 signs of a bad principal

Disastrous leadership: 7 signs of a bad principal

If you are worried that you are a bad principal or assistant principal ... Or that you work for one, here are seven warning signs this might be the case. Faculty do not trust each other nor take risks Poor performance can always be linked to a lack of psychological...

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Do this ONE Thing To Build More Trust With Your Team

It’s not about outcomes, it’s about good judgment. Immediately results in building consistency and trust with your team. Batching tasks will maximize your time and focus. Stop switching and multitasking your to-do list.

Jeff Zoul: Crafting The Culture

Jeff Zoul, is a lifelong teacher, learner, and leader. During Jeff’s distinguished career in education he has served in a variety of roles, including Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in Illinois. Jeff also served as a teacher and coach in the State...

3 Ways To Build An Even Better Culture

Create the right energy for your school with tips on relationship building and culture. You may be what’s getting in the way of the culture you want to create. Separating emergencies vs distractions with the demands on your time.