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My name is Daniel Bauer and I help school leaders fight isolation and frustration via a leadership community in order to gain clarity and find solutions to their greatest challenges.

If you’re anything like me you might feel under-prepared for your current leadership role and most likely you feel isolated – but it doesn’t have to be that way.


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We’re a hybrid group coaching and leadership development community. Put another way—we are a leadership incubator for world-class educators. The mastermind is a safe, confidential community where you can be authentic and get the challenge you’re looking for to take your leadership to the next level.

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Do you need a school leadership coach?

Years ago, Atul Gawande wrote an article called "Personal Best" in The New Yorker. He explores the question, "Should a surgeon have a coach?" Think about it. If top performers in every other industry have coaches, then why not surgeons? Any athlete at the top of their...

2022 Letter to the BLBS Tribe

2022 Letter to the BLBS Tribe

4.7To the Loyal Members of the Ruckus Maker Nation: This is the sixth consecutive annual letter to the Ruckus Maker community. I started the tradition in 2017 as a way to update the BLBS community and reflect on the year. This practice is common for publicly traded...

Education Consultant Services

Let us help you turn your big dreams for your district into reality. Indeed, no two schools are the same. Here at Better Leaders Better Schools, we take the time to recognize and understand all the unique challenges that schools and districts face, and customize a...

The Latest Podcasts

Dr. Chuck Warfield: How To Effectively Lead Two Campuses

Dr. Charles Warfield has served the Haddon Township School District since 2002, where he has simultaneously been the principal of Stoy Elementary School and Jennings Elementary School. Prior to his tenure in Haddon Twp., Chuck spent three years in the Cherry Hill...

Lauren Cikara: Active Students, Active Minds

Lauren Cikara is the Director of K-12 Initiatives at Active Minds. Prior to that, she worked for the Colorado School of Public Health School recruiting schools to participate in the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS), Colorado’s Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (YRBS),...

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler: Sound in Living Color

Hailing from Canada’s Capital region, Loop pedal violist, composer, and educator Kathryn Patricia Cobbler has crafted a singular niche in improvisation and classical performance. Bringing creativity to concert halls, schools, and community venues, her work as a...