Many leaders scour the internet for the roadmap.

There is no roadmap. 

So instead of giving you the answer (and how to score an “A” on the test), what I can do is provide a framework for building an amazing school.

Frameworks are better than scripted answers because they are malleable.

Bend the ideas in this post to achieve maximum value for your community.

So what does an effective school look like?

Use these categories to consider how to build your dream school:

Programs. What do you offer your students, staff, and community to support their growth?

Personnel. Part 1. List who is on your team and their role. Better yet, list who you need to be on your team and what will be their future role?

Personnel Part 2. How do you develop your people? The best leaders build the capacity of others and let them stretch their wings. Think: ripple effect.

Communication. How do you plan to get your message out there? Former LinkedIn CEO said this about communication: Right when you are getting tired of saying something, that is when your people start to hear it for the first time.

Customer Service. You are in the business of school. Do people feel like they are “delivered happiness” like Zappos does (famous for their customer service) or do they feel like they’re being dragged off a plane (like United Airlines, infamous for their terrible customer service)?

Ideal Staff Member, Parent, & Student. “You get the culture you deserve,” says Seth Godin. Who are the ideal members of your community? Cast this vision so that you attract the right people to your team and help students and parents know how they can add value to your community.

Core Values. I’ve talked at length about “sticky core value” on the podcast. I love how Brené Brown talks about operationalizing your values. How will you test for them during interviews? Teach them during the day-to-day? Hold people accountable to live them out?

Marketing. I define marketing as telling your story and making change happen. People are talking about your school and leadership. What is the narrative you want out there? How do you create ideas worth spreading?

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