Leap to 2020

How far do you want to leap in 2020?

It’s not a question of will you leap, the question is how far?

Another question might be, what could get in the way?

The New Year, 40th bdays, the start of Spring … they all have something in common. According to Dan Pink, they’re called a temporal landmark.

Landmarks are useful when traveling — especially if you could get lost in your own house!

Landmarks signal that you are on the right path. 

So it makes sense to set some BIG goals for 2020. 

Considering those goals you have in your mind …

I want you to imagine, just for a moment, what it would feel like to not only meet, but exceed those goals. 

When I accomplish _________, ___________, and ___________ by  March 31, 2020 I would feel _________.



Below is a helpful video that will get you that much closer to your goals …

I’d like to invite you to … 

“Better Leaders Better Schools’ Productivity Sprint”

I’ve taught this system before 1:1 to leaders, the mastermind, and productivity students (including education and business leaders).

This system has worked for:

  • Leaders who struggle being productive, abandoning projects all the time.
  • Leaders already seen as productive, but with inconsistent implementation.
  • And leaders who can teach a productivity class (even they learn some new tricks).

The Productivity Sprint will run on a platform called Slack.

On January 5, students will receive their invites to the Slack channel. 

On January 6, leaders will begin to sprint alongside other leaders. 

The Productivity Sprint is a 12-week experience where I will teach you the exact system that will help you increase your productivity. 

When you join, here’s what you’ll get …

💥10-Point Productivity System, Videos, & Private Slack Community ($643 Value)

Use a proven method to get more done.

💥Productivity & Ideal Week Templates ($257 Value)

Jumpstart your productivity with these plug-and-play templates.

💥7 Group Coaching Calls ($397 Value)

Get your questions answered and receive live coaching on productivity. All coaching calls will be recorded if you can’t make them live.

💥BONUS #1 — 1 Hour Deep Dive Coaching Call ($500 Value)

Available to the first five registered students. Coaching on any topic.

💥BONUS #2 — Authentic Leadership Video Course ($350 Value)

9 Modules on how to lead in aligment with your values

💥BONUS #3 — Goal Reflection Template ($50 Value)

Here are the questions to ask and how to learn from the sprint

Total Value: $2,197

Register today for just $497

Current leaders I serve, ISI brothers, altMBA Ravens, and sprint alumni should use their coupon code for an even better discount. 

Use to code "ruckusmaker" to get a discount








Keep Making a Ruckus,

PS … the hardest part about this system is choosing yourself. 

First, you need to believe that you are the kind of leader that can produce at this level. 

Once you get your mind around that you can register here. 

See you in January 😀