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In just 5-weeks, learn how to lead your school more effectively and create your best year ever by following the Principal Success Path

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Now Is the Best Time To Plan for a Powerful School Year.

Imagine taking full advantage of the opportunity in front of you right now . . .

The summer is an excellent time to put in motion a plan that will unlock not only your own personal leadership capacity, and set your school up for its best year ever.

You’ll be coached by a trained Better Leaders Better Schools coach and other membersin the program — getting access to leading edge leadership strategy and tools to take your school to the next level — all from the comfort of your office or home.

At BLBS, we believe that “Everyone wins when a leader gets better. Everyone wins when you get better.”Joining the Principal Success Path will help you make this a reality for the community you serve.

Get started by creating your Principal Success Path membership now!

Our Promise

  • This program guarantees that you’ll be enrolled in the Principal Success Path in SY 21-22.
  • Jumpstart your school year with an effective 90-day plan.
  • It will help you level up as an individual school leader by enhancing your Ruckus Maker Mindset™
  • Give higher quality feedback through using Radical Candor.
  • Learn the “art and science” of setting ambitious goals and achieve what you set out to do.
  • Plug into a powerful community of other innovative school leaders and learn how to create that community within your school.
  • And you’ll kiss goodbye anything that has been holding you back in the past . . .

Here’s What Other Leaders Are Saying…

“Working with Danny has reignited my excitement to lead. He pushes us to think out-of-the-box and shares ideas you won’t be exposed to anywhere else. This is a competitive advantage of mine.”

– Kyle, Principal

“Danny has been essential to my success. His support, positivity, and connecting me with other world-class leaders has helped me become a better leader.”

– Colin, Principal

“Coaching with Danny is what it feels like to work with genius and be inspired by greatness.”

– Tyson, Superintendent

“Danny has a knack to get me to be forward-thinking. He has helped me be a proactive versus reactive leader.”

– Jess, Principal

“I create my own experiences. Coaching with Danny has helped me remember how much power and control I have.”

– Chris, Principal

“I love connecting with other like-minded leaders interested in authenticity and being a more effective leader. Danny is great at connecting these kinds of leaders to each other.”

– Rosemary, Principal

“One of Danny’s core values is ‘Take the Leap!’ He has helped take more risks, be more innovative, and learn from my failures. This has been instrumental to my success.”

– Nick, Principal

“Learning how to build my ideal week has been a game changer and has not only helped me be more productive/effective, but has also increased my energy and time with family.”

– Amy, Principal

“If you want to grow in your courage and confidence, then work with Danny.”

– Michelle, AP

“You realize that what I learned from you got me to this point right? I must have said your name a dozen times over the past four interviews.”

– Scott (who was an AP when I met him and just moved from Principal to Assistant Superintendent)

You Get All of These With Your Principal Success Path Membership


Principal Success Path Group Coaching

Two live group coaching calls with a trained BLBS leadership coach. These coaches are current local school leaders and have worked with Danny for years!

School Leadership Strategies and Tactics

Inside the Principal Success Path you’ll get strategies and tactics that will set you and your school up for incredible success. These tried-and-true methods have usually been reserved for mastermind members.

The Path will feature 5-steps:
Step 1: Your 90-day plan
Step 2: The Ruckus Maker Mindset™
Step 3: Powerful feedback and Radical Cando
Step 4: Goals, achievement, and accountability
Step 5: Powerful community

Implementation Program

John Doerr, author of Measure What Matters said, “Ideas areeasy. Execution is everything. The Principal Success Path is designed to hold you accountable and make sure you implementwhat you are learning inside.

Mastermind Membership

Once you complete the Principal Success Path (a 3-month journey), you will then be added to the BLBS Mastermind community for the remainder of the year. Imagine how much further you will go in your leadership with weekly mastermind calls.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you attend the live trainings, engage with the content, and take action on the ideas . . . and still think the program wasn’t working for you, then we will offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

One-on-One Coaching

For members who enroll in our GOLD package, you’ll get a year’s worth of one-on-one coaching with the Chief Ruckus Maker, Danny Bauer! This is 1x / month.

Private Online Community

In order to “show your work” and get feedback, Principal Success Path members will post their work, projects, and questions to our online community. This is also where you will access our inspiring content.


If You Enroll Today, Here Are the Bonuses You Will Get

Fast Action Bonus

Time Remaining








Available until Feb 28, 2022. The first FIVE leaders that invest in the Principal Success Path unlock an absolutely CRAZY Bonus . . .  I will come to YOUR SCHOOL and coach your leadership team for a half-day.

A few rules:
•  My half-day coaching fee of $5,000 will be waived.
You pay for my flight, lodging, and food.
The workshop must happen within SY21-22.
Can be done virtually

Time Mastery Bonus

This content is $500 of value included for free for EVERYONE who enrolls in the Principal Success Path. Avoid 60+ hour work weeks and the feeling of getting little done, and substitute that for a more balanced and productive life.

Creating World Class Cultures Bonus

This content is $500 of value included for free for EVERYONE who enrolls in the Principal Success Path. What if you could create a world-class organization without hiring any new staff members? I’ll show you how in this training.

Apply to the third cohort of the Principal Success Path 2022

Applications for the second cohort March 13 – April 14 is CLOSED!

Now accepting applications for the third cohort running July 31 – September 1

Together, we will create a powerful school year!

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This Program Is GUARANTEED

I’m so confident this program will not only teach you how to lead more effectively, and will set you up for your best school year yet, I’ll back it up with a 100%, money-back guarantee. There is no risk on your part. Test out the program. If anytime during your first month of membership you decide the Principal Success Path is not for you, let us know for a full refund. To qualify for a refund, you agree to attend the live coaching calls, interact with the content inside the program, and take action on what we teach. If you do that and still think the program wasn’t the right fit, we’ll happily refund your investment. You either set up the foundation for a powerful school year, or you can get your money back during the first month.