I’m writing a “now” page because it makes sense. I like to do things differently. When most people zig, I want to zag.

The now page is incredibly useful. It’s not being different, just for different’s sake.

It is interesting and useful to know what people are up to. When I meet new people one of my favorite questions is “What fun projects are you working on now?”

If you asked me that question. This is how I would answer.

Q4 2019 Goals

This quarter I released a blog on OKRs to help leaders level up their goal setting and productivity. You can read that post here.

The mastermind is reading a book on OKRs. You can buy it here.

These are my OKRs:

If you’d like to apply to our world-class community for school leaders and discuss how to level up your leadership and create OKRs for your school, you can apply here.

Creative Projects

This quarter I’ll submit three book proposals on two different book ideas. One book is on a topic I’ve discussed before called The Performance Equation. The second idea is going to be a fictional tale that teaches leadership principles.

I will ship four value-packed blog posts in October:

  • An updated post on Staff Appreciation Ideas
  • A new post on common school leadership mistakes
  • A new post: 12 quotes every school principal should consider
  • A new post on the best podcasts for school leaders (20+ podcasts you should listen to).

For each blog I’m creating a helpful resource to download. I read a lot of Stoic philosophy these days. You can wait until the quote blog post comes out to download the resource, or if you want it now you can download it below.


I finished the Akimbo story skills workshop this quarter. My goal is to tell better stories via the podcast and I’m going to experiment with more stories on Twitter and LinkedIn

Here is a story that was popular from September:

I also hope to coach a third (and maybe fourth) cohort of the altMBA this quarter.

I bought a guitar last September. I need to find a great teacher in Glasgow. Do you know one? 

I’m speaking at Rewire on focus and the performance equation.

What I’m Reading

In the Local School Leader Masterminds we’re reading:

In the Edupreneur Mastermind we’re reading:

In the Superintendents “Inner Circle” we’re reading:


Christmas time is really the best in Europe with its outdoor markets and glühwein. 

We have a trip planned to the Netherlands and it would make sense to go see Ireland soon or maybe somewhere warmer like Italy or Spain this winter.


Updated September 20, 2019 at Cafe Zique in Glasgow, Scotland