Some leaders have asked about district and school plans during this pandemic. In addition to those one-to-one conversations, I thought it would make sense to ask some leaders in my network to share what they are doing.

I am proud to know all the leaders. I hope these plans help (especially if you find yourself in a district with no plan!).

What you’ll find are a variety of resources from templates to how leaders are communicating with the communities they serve.

Thank you Karine, Mike (and team led by Sarah), and Bridgette ❤️

Today we all got better because of your generosity.

Resources from Learn Forward and Willowstone Academy.

Although school is closed, learning is open. Here Karine describes four powerful innovations from her community’s eLearning process.

5 pieces of communication from Willowstone Academy

Beechwood Independent Schools

Closure Plan

Regular video communication

Student Attendance Templates

Teacher Templates

Classified Templates

Oak Hills School District

Website specific to COVID-19
Google Meet Teacher Guidance
Instructional Guidance for Remote Learning Activities
Remote Learning & Technology Parent Communication
Remote Learning Roles & Responsibilities
COVID-19 Student Services Q and A
COVID-19: Social-Emotional Learning Supports During School Closure (Tiered Response)

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