Today I’m launching a series of special episodes given the systemic racism and police brutality we have seen and continue to see in the USA.

Today (June 5) is Breonna Taylor’s birthday. She would have been 27, but police shot her while she slept bed. They were looking to bust a drug dealer and got the address wrong.

Yesterday (June 4) George Floyd’s funeral took place in Minneapolis where they observed 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence — the time a white officer knelt on his neck, killing George in the process.

Black Lives Matter

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Yesterday (June 4) a judge ruled to move Ahmaud Arbery’s case to a murder trial. Ahmaud was out for a run before a number of white men decided to murder him.

Black Lives Matter. Enjoy the show.

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Today’s show was made possible by the work of Dr. Sheldon Eakins.

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