Thank you to our current show sponsors. I know both CEOs and believe in what they do. Both companies are doing great things in education and I highly encourage you to check them out.

Organized Binder

Organized Binder is a universal education success platform. It develops the skills and habits all students need for success. Organized Binder increases classroom efficiency, builds parent engagement and fosters positive school culture.

Visit to learn more.

Organized Binder is a prooud sponsor of the BLBS podcast


SMART Technologies is the proud sponsor of Better Leaders Better Schools and has two amazing offer for Ruckus Makers.

The SMART Learning Suite Online allows teachers to create, store, and deliver lessons from anywhere – no SMART Board required – and your students can access and engage with your content from any web browser on any device. And it connects with tools you already use like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

Learn more at

The research-backed EdTeach Assessment Tool will helps Ruckus Makers discover their strengths and best area of focus across 5 different modules, including leadership and remote learning.  The tool inspires collaboration with your colleagues, and provides massive value whether you complete one or all five of the modules.

You’ll get a personalized report that shows where you stack up against other leaders, and maps some areas of focus that will have the greatest impact for you. 

Take the assessment at


SMART is a proud sponsor of BLBS