Each quarter I take a deeper dive into my goals. In this post, I will reflect on my Q2 (April – June) 2021 results.

Steal my process for goal reflection and use it to boost your leadership.

This post (OKRs are a leader’s secret productivity weapon) will get you started.

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Q2 2021 OKR Results & Takeaways


“The simplest, cleanest way to score an objective is by averaging the percentage of completion rates of its associated results.”

John Doerr in Measure What Matters

Google uses the following scale, so I stole like an artist and used it too:

  • ? 0.7 – 1.0 = green (I delivered).
  • ? 0.4 – 0.6 = yellow (I made progress, but fell short of completion).
  • ? 0.0 – 0.3 = red (I failed to make real progress).
? OBJECTIVE 1: HELP MORE SCHOOL LEADERS LEVEL UP [66%] (1.0+0.6+0.5+0.2+1.0 = 3.3/5)
? Follow up regularly with client dream lists [1.0]
? Develop mastermind coach team [0.6]
? Run monthly workshops on a theme [0.5].
? Monthly tasters on the mastermind [0.2].
? Create 1-2 audits & mindset scorecard training [1.0].
? Create “perennial seller” plan [1.0].
? Implement “perennial seller” plan [1.0].
? 50K downloads a month for BLBS by June 30 [0.5]
? 30K downloads a month for SLS by December 31 [0.4]
? 5K visitors a month to website by June 30 [0.5].
? Increase domain score to 36 [0.9]
? Increase email list to 3500 [0.8]
? Create multiple landing pages and course offers [1.0].
? Listen and apply the 8 profit activators [0.7].
? Launch store [1.0].
? Utilize sparkloop [0.7].
? Onboarding and create “pathway” for mastermind members (first year and veteran) [0.5].
? Ride everyday in April [1.0]
? Workout core and do yoga 3x/week [0.6]
? Tidy up daily [0.8]
? Postcard project (one card to each client) [0.7]
? Read Superconsumers [1.0]


In the self-assessment, I give the objective ratings a soul through a qualitative reflection.

Help more leaders level up66%0.8In this goal, I actually focused on the more important items:
-Dream lists
-Coach team
-Mindset scorecard

The tasters and workshops were “nice” to have but not “need” to have.
Create best seller100%1.0This was not aspirational in nature. These goals needed to happen and did.
Increase brand awareness62%0.8Email list grew as a result of doing a free training and creating great free content for download.

Seem to be at a standstill with downloads. Need to look into running ads maybe for the first time if I really want to grow the numbers?

The podcast is for sure a success. So what is the point of growth?
Work on business78%0.8I put in place the right systems by investing in the right books, courses, and coaches. I have already seen the fruit.

The answer is more often WHO and not HOW!
Level up personally82%0.8I took care of these with seeming ease. The only challenge was to stretch (do yoga) regularly and focus on my core which I hate to do.

Did I accomplish all of my objectives? If so, what contributed to my success?

For OBJ #2, this was not an aspirational goal, this needed to happen. And it did. One thing that contributed to my success was keeping this need-to-happen goal super tight in focus. There were only two KRs, so it was manageable and focused. All my goals are important to me, but there was a real sense of urgency regarding prepping my book for success.

If not, what obstacles did I encounter?

One obstacle I encounter is having unrealistic expectations of what I can accomplish in a quarter. Building a team is key to my success in some of these other KRs because once I can focus on accomplishing these KRs or support someone in charge of making it a reality, then the execution will really ramp up.

I think downloads stalled because of summer. I also haven’t run any ads for the podcast ever, and I wonder if that is a new lever to pull to boost my reach?

I did a terrible job of creating downloadable resources so I’m not surprised at the lack of growth for my email list.

If I were to rewrite a goal achieved in full, what would I change?

The second objective needed to happen. There was urgency and it was still ambitious. I probably focused less on other objectives as a result of making sure this one was delivered. I wouldn’t change anything about the approach this time.

What have I learned that might alter my approach to the next cycle’s OKRs?

I want to continue to create fewer objectives and key results.

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