Hope Is Not A Strategy … Learn How To Create A High Quality Principal Entry Plan In Just 1 Hour.


Build Leadership Momentum

Daniel Bauer is a Principal Development and Retention Expert, Best Selling Author, and Host of the Better Leaders Better Schools’ Podcast – sponsored by Harvard and one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world (ranks in the TOP 0.5% of shows globally).

Lots of things will keep you up at night if you’re not organized. After learning from Danny how to create a principal entry plan, I can honestly say all that stress was gone.

- John Unger


Full Chapter Overview

Build Leadership Momentum


It’s an introduction 🙂
Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 1 :

Here we look at the five buckets you’ll need in order to create a high quality 90-day principal entry plan.

Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 2 :

This chapter covers the first bucket, which is actually YOU. A successful year starts with a successful you. The BEST time to plan what you’ll need to do to take care of yourself during the school year, is before the school year even starts.

Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 3 :

This chapter focuses on communication. The best ideas in the world are worthless unless they are communicated well.
Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 4 :

The business of school is academics. Here we’ll think through what will support academic achievement and growth.
Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 5 :

This chapter focuses on culture. Over the years I’ve learned that quality relationships lead to a quality culture. Get culture right and everything else is easier during the year.

Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 6 :

This chapter will focus on operations. All the systems and processes that help the building function at an optimal level.

Build Leadership Momentum

Chapter 7 :

Now that you know the five buckets, it’s time to put it all together and create your 90-day principal entry plan.

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Build Leadership Momentum

Bonus #1: Your 90-Day Entry Plan Fillable Template

Get the template that will help you create a high quality 90-day entry plan based on the content of the book.

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Build Leadership Momentum

Bonus #2: Entry Plan Group Coaching Call

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Build Leadership Momentum

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  • Day 1: 4 things you must do every day.
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  • Day 4: My SECRET notecard tactic.
  • Day 5: My BEST reflection questions

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Build Leadership Momentum

Bonus #4 Delegation Masterclass

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One of the best ways to multiply your results is to learn how to effectively delegate.

In this masterclass, leaders will learn:

  • The three most common obstacles to effective delegation.
  • The six different levels of delegation (That’s right, there are six levels!)
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Build Leadership Momentum

Bonus #5 Individual Coaching Call with the Author

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We can discuss your entry plan or any topic that is most important to you.

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Listen to Danny read the introduction:

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