Guest Speakers

Questions about the podcast? Read up on my approach to the podcast.

What to Expect

My Approach to the Podcast

We may or may not get to all the questions below. They are a framework for the episode, but I am more interested in having a great conversation and asking follow up questions based on our discussion. I enjoy going “off-script” and seeing how our conversation evolves. That way the show is produced organically and the listeners experience a more organic (and valuable) show.

The show will be 20-30 minutes. I used to record 60 minute shows, but Apple Analytics shows me that my tribe typically listens to about 27-35 minutes on average. So I made an adjustment and want to serve up the type of show my listeners want—perfect for a commute!

If you don’t work in a school or district… take a breath… I’m more interested in learning your leadership insights and lessons learned from failures.

When telling stories remember to be as specific as possible. My listeners also appreciate practical examples they can take action on.

Podcast Questions


1/3 of the show

10 minutes

Prior to each podcast, I conduct an intro call with potential guests. During that time I share the vision for the podcast, explain who the ideal listener is, and communicate how you can add the most value to the show.  We’ll also frame a great story to start the podcast with a bang.

This story will illustrate how you’ve been a Rukus Maker:

  • A story where you have broken free from tradition
  • A story where you have persevered
  • Or a story where you made change happen

Each podcast episode is tailored to my unique guests. There are no standard questions (except at the end).


2/3 of the show

10 minutes

During the middle of our conversation, we’ll touch on ideas that are important to you. Here is where we’ll tell the world interesting things you are working on these days.


3/3 of the show

5-10 minutes

I end each podcast the same way. You can expect these three questions:

  • What message would you put on all school marquees across the globe if you could do so for just a day?
  • You’re building a school from the ground up. You’re not limited by any resources. Your only limitation is your imagination. How would you build your dream school and what would be your top 3 priorities?
  • What is the one thing you want the Ruckus Maker listening today to remember?


In Summary

  • Great conversation = great show. Relax and have fun.
  • Can we collaborate and create a PODCAST UPGRADE? This will make your episode 10x more valuable.
  • Download the resource on this page if you’d like a video talking about how to create processes and the actual checklist I use to produce every show.


Podcast Process Checklist