I'm Danny Bauer. Principal Development & Retention Expert.

I am also a bestselling author and host of two of the most downloaded podcasts in the world
My PassionConnect

I Believe

“When YOU get better … Everyone wins”

I ❤️ school leaders and the best way to help schools evolve is by focusing on leadership development. The principal is the lead domino of their organization. The easiest way to improve the quality of any school is by building the leadership capacity existing on campus. 

Ideas are great, but not the greatest, which is why I solely work with leaders who demonstrate a bias for action. We are in the results business and you can only create results if you consistently take action. That’s why we attract and support the most effective school leaders around the world.

The BLBS Origin Story in 97 Words

Once upon a time, a young Ruckus Maker was frustrated.

He wanted to grow his leadership, but experienced PD that was Too-Little-Too-Late, Unhelpful, and Disconnected.

“Why isn’t PD better that this?” he wondered.

So he invited other Ruckus Makers to a new experience called, “THE MASTERMIND.”

This experience was different because it was Relevant, Responsive, and Results Oriented™

In 2016, seven Ruckus Makers joined, then thirty more, and another fifty after that.

THE MASTERMIND community grew and grew until it changed the landscape of school leadership development around the world.

And just like that, education finally evolved.

Meet Daniel

The “Ah-Ha” Moments

Moment 1

In 2010, I moved away from a home and school I had known for years in Champaign, IL.

It was time to leap into the scary unknown … and leap I did!

It took months to find a job, but when I did, I landed on my feet and experienced my first “Ah-Ha” Moment.

In Chicago Public Schools I helped 18 schools implement AVID methodologies (144 teachers and administrators in total). This experience gave me a unique perspective to the differing level of leadership quality found across the district.

I’ve read that the #1 most important factor to student success is the classroom teacher. The #2 factor is the building principal.

Building leadership matters.

And this experience taught me not only did I have what it takes to lead a great school, but to me … nothing is more energizing and important than helping school leaders develop.

Moment 2

In Chicago, I set a goal to host regular dinner parties with local school leaders. My dream was to share great good and discuss school leadership in an authentic way.

I was able to host two dinners over a year and I found myself still hungry …

I was hungry for more depth, authenticity, and consistency.

Recognizing that I needed to connect more often, I searched for a different path.

Enter 2015, when I was listening to as many podcasts on leadership and entrepreneurship that I could find.

I came across one podcast that interviewed entrepreneurs daily. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, I had my second “Ah-Ha” Moment. I thought to myself …

Why can’t I do this?

And the podcast was born.

My goal was to connect with as many expert leaders as I could. Learning from their stories of success and failure, and taking action on at least one idea they taught me.

Even if no one listened at least I would become a better leader.

(Side note … “Why can’t I …” or “Why can’t we …” are two of the most powerful questions a leader can ask).

Two million downloads later, I think people are resonating with the message.

The Better Leaders Better Schools’ Podcast ranks in the TOP 0.5% of all shows worldwide.


Moment 3

My third “Ah-Ha” Moment is that many leaders are like me.

They are already effective, but still hungry to get even better.

Which is why we offer Relevant, Responsive, and Results-Oriented Professional Development™ at Better Leaders Better Schools.

There are three main programs we offer:

Our flagship offer with the most support is The BLBS Mastermind. This is a weekly experience that lasts over the year. You can learn more here.

We also have a 10-week program that focuses on job-embedded projects. That experience is called The Principal Success Path™. Learn more here.

And we host an annual live event which will go deep on a singular topic.

2022 we helped Ruckus Makers create a remarkable 3-year vision.

This year (2023) we are teaching a new framework called the “Leadership Optimization Compass.”

Next year (2024) we will dive into “Leadership Confidence.”

You can learn about our 2023 event here and how are events are unlike anything available in education today.

Whenever you are ready to become even more effective, we’d love to work with you!

Vivid Vision

Earlier this year, I completed something called my “Vivid Vision.” It is a detailed map of where I’m going over the next three years — by December 31st, 2021.

This has been some of the most creative work I have been engaged in recently and I hope it excites you as much as it does me. I look at my Vivid Vision on a daily basis so I know exactly what my priorities are and where I am going.

Meet Me

What Makes Danny Unique?

✏️ I am an UNORTHODOX leadership coach and love to ask “Why follow the rules when you can make them up?”
✏️ I host a podcast that ranks in the TOP 0.5% of all shows worldwide with over 2 million downloads.
✏️ I am a best selling author of Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader (and a third book is on the way).
✏️ I’m really into meditation and just started a 2-year journey to become a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher. I want to help leaders be more aware, intentional, and conscious.
✏️ I support the world’s most effective school leaders through Responsive, Relevant, and Results-Oriented Professional Development™

And YES, I speak, facilitate workshops, and design systems level solutions.

Email me (danny@betterleadersbetterschools.com) if you’d like my speaker one sheet and would like to explore what it takes to come out and serve your district leaders in person.