One thing I’ve learned about leadership is that you don’t have to lose for me to win.

That kind of thinking is reflective of short term-thinking and a finite mindset (Sinek).

So an obvious improvement over win-lose thinking is looking for opportunities where two parties can win.

For example, it makes little sense for a group of schools to keep their recruiting “secrets” to themselves. At the end of the day, the school might get a majority of their best recruits, but what happens to the kids that don’t get into their “match” school?

I saw this first hand in Chicago, where countless students were locked out of the best schools the city had to offer because they didn’t understand the selective enrollment process.

It would have been much better to share the recruiting secrets — meaning more kids enrolled in the best schools in Chicago. That’s a win-win.

But even better than that kind of scenario is the triple win.

And I’m excited to announce a triple win I discovered recently at BLBS.

I’m going to experiment with some guest bloggers on the website in 2021. This is a triple win scenario.

Win #1 — Adding diverse voices via a content creation team. I only enjoy writing about certain topics which are informed by my limited point-of-view. By creating a content creation team, instantly I add more useful perspectives. This informs our next win …

Win #2 — Ruckus Makers get better content. Instead of hearing from just me, loyal readers will be exposed to better thinking across a wide variety of topics. By including content creators outside of my middle-class, white, cisgender, etc. perspective, you will be exposed to a bounty of ideas. 

Win #3 — BLBS. When creating useful content focused on serving school leaders, I expect that the BLBS brand and its authority will also grow. This can lead to more listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog. 

There it is. A triple win scenario.

If you applied this thinking to your school, today, what might you be able to do? I’d love to hear what you come up with. Please email me your idea to [email protected].

Note: I am not accepting content pitches for guest blog posts. The content will come from leaders within the mastermind and other leaders within my inner circle. 

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