Claire Yvonne Naisbitt  is a transition pro having changed her whole life in less than 2 years. She loves deep personal work so she can serve her clients powerfully and go wherever they need and want to go. ClaireYvonne thrives in the land of duality, where we can have humor and be serious, be artistic and scientists, introverted and extroverted, celebrating and integrating our unique wholeness.

Before Coaching, Claire was a Senior Level Leader in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years, where she was responsible for leading teams to solve and deliver complex technical work. She understands the challenges of working in a fast paced, male dominated, demanding technical workplace and has always been drawn to getting the best out of people teams, as Team Lead and through organizational design.

You Don’t Have to Live or Lead In Pain

by Claire Yvonne Naisbitt

Show Highlights

  • Never be stuck and bulldoze over your body.
  • First step is courage for coaching.
  • Self care is critical to success.
  • Ignore the brain and follow “gut wisdom”. 
    1. physical body’s intelligence of knowing, not the head
  • Trust and tap into “Soul’s wisdom.” 
  • Don’t be a hot frog in the water.
  • Celebrate and integrate your unique wholeness.
  • Brave questions you have to ask yourself.
  • Investing in yourself is not a bill but an investment. 
  • The strongest leaders always have a great team behind them.
Claire Yvonne Naisbitt: You Don’t Have to Live or Lead In Pain

“A lot of people will realize if we empty our energy cup, we’ve run out for everybody else. Whereas if our cups are full, we can be there for our children or the children we’re working with or anybody in our lives. For some reason society has it the other way round. If we take care of ourselves, it’s selfish, but in that regard we run out of energy in our forties.”

Claire Yvonne Naisbitt

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