Tracey A. Benson, Ed.L.D., is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. He is a former public school teacher, middle school assistant principal, and high school principal. Dr. Benson received his Ed.L.D. in Education Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Masters of School Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill.

He is the co-author of Unconscious Bias in Schools. Tracey is the also the Founder of the Anti-Racist Leadership Institute.

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Show Highlights

  • Interrupt racial biases in school districts with substantive change.
  • Racism is really inspiring. A Global Awakening of Consciousness
  • The secret sauce to the Anti-Racist Leadership Institute 
  • Address phobias and separate the concept of bad white people
  • Climb the ladder to get over anti-racism phobias
  • You are the right person to implement change if you can say “racism”
  • We are so afraid to talk about racism that we actually never talk about it. 
BLBS Bonus_ Tracey Benson: Introducing the Anti-Racist Leadership Institute

“They realize that there’s a lot of barriers that they have and hurdles they have to overcome in order to implement their plan. I am there side by side, coaching individuals, to the cognitive aspects, meaning that getting over the fear and trepidation about actually implementing things and saying the word, race and racism within the school district, and then also adjusting their client as they implement so that they can realize change.” 

Dr. Tracey A. Benson



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