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Q1 2021 OKRs Reflection

Each quarter I take a deeper dive into my goals. In this post, I will reflect on my Q1 (January-Feb) 2021 results. Steal my process for goal reflection and use it to boost your leadership. This post (OKRs are a leader’s secret productivity weapon) will get you...

Erin Igoe: Ruffling Adult Feathers Through Civic Action

Erin Igoe is currently a high school administrator, forever teacher, mentor, coach, Gen Z mom, and wannabe Dorthea Lange.  Erin has 18 years in education (teaching and administration), a project and problem-based learning classroom guru, 3 years as BTSA Support...

Should schools offer a money back guarantee?

Should schools offer a money back guarantee?

Leaders are selling an idea to their staff, supervisor, students, or community every day. But what if they're not buying the idea? One way to give people confidence in moving forward with something new is to remove some friction. Another great way to remove fear is by...

10 Actionable (and creative) ways to pay for the mastermind

10 Actionable (and creative) ways to pay for the mastermind

If you think the mastermind is too expensive, here are 10 ways you could pay for a powerful professional development experience guaranteed to improve your leadership effectiveness. Members of the mastermind invest in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in joining,...

It’s too expensive

It’s too expensive

When it comes to the mastermind, some leaders think it’s too expensive. My response, “Maybe.” You see, price is relative. And what many people miss (and this is very important), there is a cost to inaction ... What will it cost you personally, your community, and your...

Lindsay Lyons: 5 Mechanisms of shared leadership

Lindsay Lyons is an educational consultant who works with teachers and school leaders to inspire educational innovation for racial and gender justice, design curricula grounded in student voice, and build capacity for shared leadership. Lindsay taught in NYC public...

Culture Builder: Bucket Lists

Culture Builder: Bucket Lists

Effective school leaders know that it’s the team that drives great results. And how does one build a great team? As Jim Collin’s famously stated you want “the right people on the bus.” Just as important as the right players is the type of culture that nourishes the...

Amy Platt: Amy is building her dream school

Dr. Amy Platt is delighted to be the Head of School at the Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School. Amy is passionate about excellent instruction and working with teachers to be the talented professionals they are destined to be. Amy holds a PhD and an MA from the...


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