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Dre “All Day” Baldwin: Do You Have a “Third Day” Mentality?

Dre “All Day” Baldwin teaches what he learned to help people dominate their game in work and in life. How To Dominate Your Game At Work & In Life (And Avoid Feeling As If You've Wasted Your Talent And Opportunity). He was a hard-working athlete who had distant...

How John Went From EXHAUSTED in the Principalship to ENERGIZED

How John Went From EXHAUSTED in the Principalship to ENERGIZED

Are you exhausted in the principalship? Maybe even looking for a way out or exploring different opportunities? If so, you’ll love this story about John Tanner.  He’s one of my Ruckus Maker mastermind members. And within 90-days, we were able to turn around John’s...

Julie Jungalwala: What It Takes To Lead School Change

Julie Jungalwala is a coach and advisor to school leaders, educational institutions, and foundations whose mission is to shape the future of K–12 education. She has over twenty years’ experience building effective learning environments that unlock human potential and...

Richard Shell: Lead With Your Values. Advance Your Career.

G. Richard Shell is a global thought leader and senior faculty member at one of the world’s leading business schools, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves as Chair of Wharton’s Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department, the largest...

My Q4 2021 Goals

Every three months I review my performance and reflect on my goals in public. From October - December 2021, these are my quarterly goals. If you are a school leader and looking to integrate OKRs into your leadership practice, this post is for you. OKRs also challenge...

David Bott and Jared Cooney Horvath: Education Is Not Broken

David Bott is a sought-after speaker, author and education consultant who works with government organisations and some of the world’s leading schools to help guide wellbeing vision and strategy. As an expert in applied wellbeing science, David has supported thousands...


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