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Hanlon’s Razor: Are Your Coworkers Evil or Just Dumb?

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat percentage of your coworkers are deep-down, no-good, dirty, rotten scoundrels? 35% ... 50% ... 75% ... More? I consider myself a recovering pessimist and I’m not alone. Assuming the worst intent of others is really easy to do. In...

A fun way to start your next faculty meeting

A fun way to start your next faculty meeting

How much better would your next meeting be if your team felt grounded and truly connected to each other? Meetings don't have to suck. Here is a fun way to start your next meeting: We did this in the mastermind last night. Here is what courageous leaders gave...

Jonathan Levi: Better Decisions and Supercharged Learning

Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and keynote speaker born and raised in Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan leads SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces the SuperHuman Academy Podcast; the bestselling "Become a SuperLearner®” book; and offers...

Second-Order Thinking: Forget the Immediate to Focus on the Future

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes (+ videos) What is second-order thinking?Second-order thinking is our ability to think past the immediate consequences of a given decision. If we fail to consider second and third-order consequences, we are vulnerable and potentially...

My December 2019 Results

My December 2019 Results

Two months ago I started writing to update the BLBS tribe on my monthly results. You can read the October post here. You can read the November post here. I started this habit as a way to lead with transparency and show you how dashboards make a difference in decision...

Daniel Bauer: How to Have a Powerful 2020

Today’s podcast is a special episode where host, Daniel Bauer, shares a handful of tips to designing a powerful 2020. Leaders are also invited to join the “productivity sprint,” a special 3 month program connecting leaders to each other hoping to be more focused and...

10 Reasons You Should NOT Join a Mastermind

10 Reasons You Should NOT Join a Mastermind

Since 2016, I’ve run a mastermind for school leaders. We’ve served over 100 leaders in our community from schools around the world.  It’s hands down the best professional development for school administrators, but it’s not for everyone … Here are 10 (objective)...


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