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2021 Letter to the BLBS Tribe

2021 Letter to the BLBS Tribe

To the Loyal Members of the Ruckus Maker Nation: This is the fifth consecutive annual letter to the Ruckus Maker community. I started the tradition in 2017 as a way to update the BLBS community and reflect on the year. This practice is common for publicly traded...

Clement Townsend: How Your Students Can Become A Broadcasting Star

Clement Townsend is a former journalist who spent 17 years on TV and told more than 1,000 stories. He now teaches youth how to use their voice and video to tell impactful stories with authenticity and creativity. He has a proven record of teaching youth with a fun and...

Claire Yvonne Naisbitt: You Don’t Have to Live or Lead In Pain

Claire Yvonne Naisbitt  is a transition pro having changed her whole life in less than 2 years. She loves deep personal work so she can serve her clients powerfully and go wherever they need and want to go. ClaireYvonne thrives in the land of duality, where we can...

Kayla Tucker: Ditch the stress and lead with longevity

Kayla Tucker is the owner of Kayla Elease Coaching Services, LLC, a company that helps female K-12 principals to effectively manage stress and prioritize health and well being without a dependency on time management hacks, exercise, or delegation. As a school...

Dre “All Day” Baldwin: Do You Have a “Third Day” Mentality?

Dre “All Day” Baldwin teaches what he learned to help people dominate their game in work and in life. How To Dominate Your Game At Work & In Life (And Avoid Feeling As If You've Wasted Your Talent And Opportunity). He was a hard-working athlete who had distant...

How John Went From EXHAUSTED in the Principalship to ENERGIZED

How John Went From EXHAUSTED in the Principalship to ENERGIZED

Are you exhausted in the principalship? Maybe even looking for a way out or exploring different opportunities? If so, you’ll love this story about John Tanner.  He’s one of my Ruckus Maker mastermind members. And within 90-days, we were able to turn around John’s...


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