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Sharla Stevens: Addressing racism in schools

Sharla Stevens transform schools into anti-racist, thriving institutions for academic excellence and social justice! She develops school leaders to bring out the best in students of color and help deter white students from sustaining or embracing white supremacy. Your...

Best books for school leaders to grow their coaching skills

Best books for school leaders to grow their coaching skills

Researchers Tschannen-Moran & Gareis (2015), found that the principal’s role has grown more complex to include 192 different tasks. It’s no wonder that principals are stretched thin and feel like they are playing a game of whack-a-mole. One of the most important...

Robyn Jackson – 3 Podcast Take-aways

Robyn Jackson – 3 Podcast Take-aways

 [listen to the podcast that inspired this post here] Disciplines and rituals. We all question our role from time to time. Something seems stale, out of place. Or you see someone in another position and start to wonder, “Is that something I could do?” But how do...

Jen Owen: Pandemic pivots and Co-creation

Jen is a local here in Atlanta (an "ATLien") where she is on a mission to make education humanizing and equitable for ALL learners. Shortly after earning her BS.Ed. at UGA, Jen’s fire for student-centered learning was ignited on a year-long adventure in New Zealand. ...

Jonathan C. W. Jones: Uplifting black male educators

Jonathan C. W. Jones is a seasoned award winning educator and founder of Ideation4, working with educators, schools, districts, nonprofit professionals and under resourced communities through grant workshops, coaching, consulting and innovation. Currently he’s working...

January 2021 Results

For the past two years, I've been doing a monthly post on my dashboard results. This will be my last dashboard post. I find more value in reflecting on my OKRs each quarter. That post tends to be more expansive. I find it to be a better tool because it combines...

What running taught me about building leadership capacity

What running taught me about building leadership capacity

I took up running 5 years ago. I had given running a few “passing thoughts” in 2011, when I signed up for a 5K with a mom’s group, but didn’t make running a habit until 2016. I only ran up to the 5K distance for the first 4-5 months. Then, I added miles in order to...


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