Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader by Daniel Bauer 

To date, I am most proud of creating this book. It unpacks at a high level why masterminds work and why they are a) an opportunity for high quality professional development for school leaders and b) an answer to the leadership retention problem schools and districts face. 

In this book, I introduce the idea of the ABCs of powerful professional development™ and how leaders can level up the PD they provide and invest in for themselves by integrating more authenticity, belonging, and challenge.

Inclusive Conversations by Mary Frances-Winters

This book was recommended to me by some high level coaches and leaders.

From the publisher:

“Award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant Mary-Frances Winters has been leading workshops on what she calls Bold, Inclusive Conversations for years. In this book she offers specific dialogue strategies to foster greater understanding on the following topics:

  •   Recognizing the importance of creating equity and sharing power
  •   Dealing with the “fragility” of dominant groups–their discomfort in engaging with historically subordinated groups
  •   Addressing the exhaustion historically marginalized groups feel from constantly explaining their different lived experience
  •   Exploring how to build trust and create psychologically safe spaces for dialogue

This guide is comprehensive for anyone who wants to break down the barriers that separate us and facilitate discussions on potentially polarizing topics.

The Promises of Giants by John Amaechi Obe

On the cover Adam Grant says, “This is one of the most powerful books ever written on leadership.”

Leadership is my favorite topic so it makes sense I would check this book out. 

The book includes 14 promises that leaders need to make to themselves and those they lead because as the author states, “Everyone is a giant to someone.”

Thank you Mo for recommending this book to me.

What Great Story Tellers Know by Bernadette Jiwa.

Two years ago I took the “Story Skills Workshop” by Bernadette Jiwa and Seth Godin.

As a podcaster I have been very interested in developing my ability to tell stories. This skill is also foundational for school leaders as well. 

Jonathan Haidt said, “The emotional tail wags the rational dog.”

Too often school leaders present with facts, figures, and poorly designed slide decks. This is not how people learn or how they are influenced. 

Since the beginning of time it has been story that has influenced, inspired, and moved people to action. MLK Jr. said “I have a dream” and told a story. He did not say, “I have a dream” and followed that with facts and figures.

First, Break All the Rules by Gallup.

Three reasons I chose this book:

  1. One of my mentors recommended this book
  2. It’s created by the same organization that made Strength Finders 2.0 which is amazing and I highly recommend.
  3. The premise is to learn from high level leaders and what they do differently. Sound like being a Ruckus Maker to me! 

In 2019 I made a commitment to make a better effort to include more books from authors other than white males. 

This year, two of the five books were created by authors of color. There are two female authors. The last book is written by an organization — which would have no race attached to it — but I counted it against my total anyway since it took a spot away from an author of color.

I’m excited to dig into these books within the mastermind.

For past book recommendations, check out these links:

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