Scott L. Steward is an international business owner (musicspool.com and Genius Lab, Inc.), a youth tech educator, podcast co-host (Money, Sex, Gen X), and author (A Book of Stewism’s: 31 Ways to Improve Your Life). Scott is squarely focused on preparing young people for jobs that don’t exist yet, especially in the Black and Latinx communities.

Scott has a strong and vast business school education and he wants to share all of his knowledge. He has more than 30 years of business experience from working with fortune 500 companies like Marriott International, MCI Wireless, and Hertz Car Rental. He’s been running his own businesses for more than 30 years.

Scott is a Master Certified, 18-time award winning teacher of Entrepreneurship and Technology. His focus is on preparing the next generation of business owners to generate generational wealth and create global impact. 

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Show Highlights

  • Ownership, closed and flexible mindsets
  • Don’t be a  BlockBuster Video School
  • Be an “unemployable” leader
  • Actively cognizant of systemic racism 
  • Vital educational confidence = Genius Lab  
  • Change agents challenge what’s on paper with innovation
  • Breaking economic deficiency in communities
  • Relationship between business profit, technology and Non-profit
Scott Steward: Building a Genius Lab

“Remember you play a role in how we guide this next generation of learners. Number one, you are preparing these young people for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Keep that in mind. Don’t stay in the box.There is no box.”

Scott L Steward



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