Jethro Jones, 2017 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year, is a former principal in Fairbanks, Alaska, and host of Transformative Principal, where he interviews principals, leaders, and influencers who help improve K-12 education throughout the world. He is also the founder of Transformative Leadership Summit and author of the new book, SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves! Available at http://schoolx.me

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Show Highlights

  • Steps to empathize and design education for the individual and not the masses
  • From failure to success with the Design Thinking Process 
  • A big social experiment you need to try 
  • Systems level solutions for year to year personalized transformation
  • Learn to Lose interest on initiatives that don’t fit your visions focus
  • Questions to ask about your Covid-19 plan for your learning community
  • Having an overarching vision people can rally behind to share leadership
Jethro Jones: Designing a Transformative School

“You need to take care of yourself because you matter as a human being first and foremost, but also you need to get yourself in order. If you are running around, putting out fires every single day, then you’re not going to be able to make any meaningful change because all you’re doing is reacting. You’ve got to be proactive and stop putting out fires all the time and start leading.” 

– Jethro Jones

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