Jaime Casap is the Chief Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime evangelizes the potential of digitalization as an enabling capability in pursuit of promoting inquiry-based learning models. Jaime collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation into our education policies and practices.

In addition to his role at Google, Jaime serves as an advisor to dozens of organizations focused on learning, skill development, and the future of work. He is the coauthor of “Our First Talk About Poverty,” as a way to talk to children about poverty. Jaime helped launch the Phoenix Coding Academy, a public high school in Phoenix, AZ, focused on computer science as part of an inquiry-based learning model. He teaches a 10th-grade communication class at the school. He also guest lectures at Arizona State University.

He speaks on education, digitalization, innovation, generation z, and the future of work at events around the world.

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Show Highlights

  • Reality distortion field.  Lean into your voice
  • Helping students use their life experiences and circumstances as a competitive advantage. 
  • Vision isn’t good enough without these action items 
  • It is the time of the Ruckus Maker. Are you taking advantage?
  • The biggest risk in hiring.  How to “future proof” your schools.
  • Moving students from a consumer, to more critical thinker, and designer by teaching them how technology functions
  • Curriculum that creates influencers that can actually change the system
Jaime Casap: Your Past Is Your Competitive Advantage

“I don’t like talking about education, being broken as it’s something that needs to be fixed. That’s just too negative for me. I want to start with, what does the system need to look like for the future that we face and how do we take the best ideas that we’ve been able to build in education?”

Jaime Casap



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